Welcome to the heart of the neighbourhood

Passionate about their stores, attentive to the needs of their customers and invested in their communities, our owner-grocers tell you all about their daily lives and their personal journeys.

See how day after day they apply the values they hold dear to create lasting, trusting relationships of confidence with their customers.

Means being greeted by familiar faces
So close, we know all your favourites
Sharing the same stories
Ready-to-eat meals prepared just for you
Together we’re going local

Closeness runs in the family

Hearts of gold

Doing more for their customers is something that’s been part of Steve and Pascal’s lives since they’ve been little. It’s how their parents and previous owners have raised them. That’s why they work hard every day to honour their dad’s dedication to make sure every customer felt at home in his store.


When customers become friends

The true joy of giving

In Fernand and Sébastien’s store, everyone is on familiar terms. Customers are treated like family and friends. You can feel the friendly vibe at the moment you step in. It’s certainly one of the reasons why people from the neighborhood are always ready to help someone in need.


Recipes made with love

Helping people discover home-made products

In this well-known grocery store where everyone loves to shop, local products take centre stage so customers get a unique opportunity to taste the in-store brand named Les produits à Ti-Guy, in honour of Guy, they butcher who’s been offering up his personal recipes to locals for the past 20 years.


Service like nowhere else

Being there when your customer needs you

Ask Denis and you shall receive. To keep his customers happy and see the smiles on their faces, this grocer always gives a little extra. Denis passed along his love of customer service and his welcoming smile to his son, who’ll soon be taking over as manager of the store. In the meantime, this grocer continues to share his legendary warmth with everyone in town.


Savour the solidarity

Community dear to the heart

When these parents of four took over the management of their local grocery store, they didn’t know anyone. By getting involved in their community and in causes like the Relay for Life to fight cancer, Danny and Caroline Isabelle created lasting relationships with the people in their neighbourhood.